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7 Aug

Top 5 Pilot Luxury Watches of 2020

Watches, designed exclusively for use while flying are virtually as old as aviation. Dating back to the early 1900s, Louis Cartier developed the famous Santos Dumont watch at the behest of his Brazilian friend and aviator – Alberto Santos Dumont. Thus, the Cartier Santos became the ever first pilot watch, prized and coveted among collectors […]

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11 May

3 Unique & Popular Omega Seamaster Watches That Have No-Bond Hallmarks

The Omega Seamaster received a significant boost in its mainstream popularity after James Bond has adopted it. Although the iconic divers’ watch Rolex Submariner typically overshadows it, the Seamaster is not any hang in the diver watch industry. Moreover, the fact is that the brand has been offering an appreciating stock of references every year. […]

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