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7 Aug

Top 5 Pilot Luxury Watches of 2020

Watches, designed exclusively for use while flying are virtually as old as aviation. Dating back to the early 1900s, Louis Cartier developed the famous Santos Dumont watch at the behest of his Brazilian friend and aviator – Alberto Santos Dumont. Thus, the Cartier Santos became the ever first pilot watch, prized and coveted among collectors […]

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23 Apr

3 Best Luxury Watches that Have Relied on Externally-sourced Movements

There is a common conception or better to say a misconception in the world of mechanical watches that every luxury watch brand make their movements.  Although the brands are themselves significantly responsible for perpetuating this conception for some apparent reasons, it is not entirely true. Many watch brands indeed outsource their movements from a third-party. […]

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22 Mar

5 Important Characteristics of the Best Luxury Watches

You may often wonder why people choose to buy luxury watches for thousands of pounds. The fact is while to some extent they pay for a reputation and brand name, they are also paying for many signs of quality and artistry that luxury watches illustrate. However, a timepiece is something personal, and people have their […]

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