modest rolex oyster perpetual
3 Feb

The Modest Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual is the longest-serving production of Rolex. However, nearly all contemporary Rolex timepieces come with the words “Oyster Perpetual” in their names. Nonetheless, Rolex consists of two significant collections – the Classic and the Professional. While the Professional collection includes most recognised models like the Daytona and the Submariner, the Classic collection also […]

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rolex sky dweller watch
15 Jan

What makes the Rolex Sky-Dweller so clever?

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is ideally the most complicated watch in the Rolex catalogue. The brand designed and developed it to work as an efficient timepiece – easy to use and durable. When launched in 2012, the Sky-Dweller was available only in precious metal. However, while Rolex released two Rolesor versions of it in 2017, the […]

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6 Dec

Rolex Submariner vs. Rolex Yacht-Master: The Two Nautical-Inspired Models

The Rolex Submariner and the Yacht-Master are two of the most popular nautical-themed models that Rolex has offered. While the Submariner is ideally the most famous Rolex out of all, the Yacht-Master is the most contradictory models in the catalogue. Indeed, the Rolex Submariner has been the world’s most desirable diver timepiece for generations now, […]

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