Factors that Increase the Value of Vintage Rolex Watches

The market of vintage Rolex watches is booming today. Indeed, the price of the brand’s vintage timepiece is continuing its stable rise in recent time.

In fact, you might be interested to know that three vintage Rolex watches have recently set a new world record at the auction. Altogether, this is great news for those who are looking to sell vintage Rolex watches.

vintage rolex watches

However, when it comes to vintage Rolexes, a few things play a significant role in increasing their value over the years.

Thus, before you head out to sell a vintage Rolex or even to buy, have a look at the factors described below.

One-of-a-kind Dials

In most instances, the dials significantly influence the overall value of vintage Rolex watches.

Indeed, vintage timepieces typically feature unique, rare dial style that is unusual to find, thereby increasing its desirability.

Such a vintage model with a rare dial can fetch you a premium in the second hand market. Thus, look at an old Rolex’s dial precisely and note down the features that are usually not found in modern iterations.

For instance, other elite companies may have commissioned some Rolex models. Eventually, the dial may flaunt any small to big gestures to indicate the alliance.

A simple inclusion can add significant value to any particular vintage reference.


Watch patina signifies the natural process of ageing that typically changes the dial, hour markers and hands of the watch face.

However, the patina adds value to a watch as the blemishes, scratches and also, discoloured numerals illustrate a real story of the watch.

  • The more you wear your watch, the more it will get exposed to light and moisture.
  • Eventually, it will accelerate the process of ageing.

Now the fact is that the patina can increase the value of a vintage Rolex watch considerably.

Besides the “tropical” dials, the patina dials are also incredibly rare and ultra-collectable.


Keep in mind that all brown dials are not tropical dials. Similarly, a patina watch dial is considerably different from the dials that have become aged because of moisture or any other environmental damages.

  • Moreover, polishing can cause a significant cutback in the resale value of your Rolex’s watch.
  • However, it is often challenging to understand as most of the time as the watch is polished during its regular service.

Nonetheless, a watch that shows least signs of wear and tear and also, in excellent working condition will indeed worth much more than the one in poor condition.

Condition ideally plays the most significant role when determining the value of a watch. Thus, experts always recommend to store and maintain any luxury watch properly.

The Good Production Years

If you are looking to sell your Rolex, ascertain its production year. Generally, when it comes to vintage watches, try to know only some of the good production years or reference numbers.

Consider the Submariner Reference 1680 as an example. Rolex furnished the watch with different dial styles during its production period, from the famous Mark I to Mark VIII.

If you know what dial type Rolex used in its every production year, you can ideally estimate which reference 1680 version is more valuable than another sibling.

Box And Papers

The original box and papers serve as treasure trove. While they help in verifying the ownership and authenticity, they add significant value to the watch.

  • With that said, if you retain the original box and papers of your vintage Rolex, it is likely to fetch top prices when selling it.
  • However, these things are unwittingly lost or misplaced over the years most of the times.

But they can undoubtedly add excellent value (if included), especially if your watch is a highly sought-after vintage Rolex model.

So, are you ready to sell your vintage Rolex?

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