5 Important Characteristics of the Best Luxury Watches

You may often wonder why people choose to buy luxury watches for thousands of pounds. The fact is while to some extent they pay for a reputation and brand name, they are also paying for many signs of quality and artistry that luxury watches illustrate. However, a timepiece is something personal, and people have their own taste in style and design. Thus, it is more important that you look for the signs of the best luxury watches than wondering what a bad or good watch is.

best luxury watches

Whether you want to invest in a good watch or looking to sell your watch to a potential watch buyer in London, let’s take a look at the five most important features of the best luxury watches in general below:

1. An automatic movement instead of quartz

Watch ‘Movements’ are mainly of three types, while the most expensive and traditional option is mechanical ones that do not come with batteries. Most of the mechanical timepieces in the luxury watch industry are typically ‘automatic’. An automatic watch means that it does not require winding up because of a cunning spring.

On the contrary, a quartz watch is a cheaper alternative to mechanical watches that utilises electrical wizardry and batteries for keeping the time. Although some good-quality luxury timepieces come with quartz movements, mechanical watches are generally the most expensive. A quart watch makes ‘tick-tick’ sound from second to second, whereas mechanical timepieces move smoothly.

However, popular watch brands like Rolex produce their movements ‘in-house’ that is recognised as an emblem of honour as well as offer a higher level of exclusivity.

2. Stainless Steel rather than ‘normal’ steel

A high-quality luxury watch is ideally made up of stainless steel.  While stainless steel is resistant to sweat and moisture, getting skin allergies or irritation is also rarer with stainless steel timepieces.  Moreover, a stainless steel luxury watch is also offered a PVD coating to make sure that silver, black, rose gold or gold watch preserves its colour. A timepiece without a PVD coating may get discoloured within a year or so if you use it frequently.

Moreover, the weight also may be considered as an essential characteristic of a luxury watch. The weight indicates how sold the material used in a watch is and what type of movement is fitted in it.

3. The Synthetic Sapphire Crystal

Many watches come with a transparent front window that is known as ‘crystal’. In the most expensive and best quality watches, this crystal is made of ‘synthetic sapphire’, and it is resistant to scratches. The crystal thickness is also a significant feature, and the best luxury watches typically have a ‘thicker’ synthetic sapphire crystal.

When you choose to sell your watch in London or sell your Rolex, potential watch buyers in London can take into consideration all these intricate details to determine the actual value of your watch in the second hand market.

4. A ‘Chronometer’ Rating

Luxury watches produced by elite brands like Rolex come with ‘chronometer’ rating. This means that the timepieces have been tested independently for checking that they can keep time accurately in all conditions.

The watches that have something like ‘Chronometer Certified’ engraved on the dial depicts that they have undergone the COSC or Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres testing. During this process, a watch is tested in different conditions and temperatures for many days.

5. The Watch Strap & Precious Gemstones

While cheaper watches come with hollow stainless steel in their straps, high-end luxury watches feature solid stainless steel that could be established from their weight. The more expensive luxury timepieces are made up of precious metals like gold or platinum. However, high-quality luxury watches also come with leather straps and eventually, they tend to be lighter in weight.

Moreover, you will find many watches in the luxury market adorned with diamonds or other gemstones for adding value. But, while prices of diamonds wildly fluctuate, it is often hard to establish how much you are likely to obtain when selling your luxury watch or selling a Rolex watch embellished with diamonds. However, every diamond has a grading based on its clarity, colour and grade. Besides, many small diamonds typically worth less than one large diamond of the same weight.

All these characteristics are not only essential to consider when buying a quality watch but also, are taken to consideration when determining an overall value of a luxury timepiece you are interested in selling. For those who are looking to sell your Rolex watch or sell your watch in London, make sure to get in touch with a trustworthy watch buyer in London to rest assured you are getting the best deal.

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