Rolex Watches with Jubilee Dial
11 Mar

Rolex Watches With Jubilee Dial: Essential Facts & Features

The term ‘Jubilee’ is usually attributed to a particular style of Rolex bracelet in the Rolex dictionary. In 1945, the ever first self-winding watch Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust was introduced for celebrating the 40th anniversary of Rolex Corporation. However, the timepiece sported the date indicator and a matching Jubilee bracelet. But, what exactly Rolex Jubilee […]

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6 Jul

11 Facts You Should Know about Rolex

Rolex is the world’s most recognised luxury watch brand, popularly known as the ‘king of watches’. The worldwide recognition of this brand is the result of decades of success in a variety of fields. Rolex is one of the leading names in the luxury wristwatches, according to Forbes. From early records of timekeeping to its […]

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