Rolex Watches With Jubilee Dial: Essential Facts & Features

The term ‘Jubilee’ is usually attributed to a particular style of Rolex bracelet in the Rolex dictionary. In 1945, the ever first self-winding watch Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust was introduced for celebrating the 40th anniversary of Rolex Corporation. However, the timepiece sported the date indicator and a matching Jubilee bracelet. But, what exactly Rolex Jubilee dial is? Let’s today find out more about the Rolex ‘Jubilee’ dials and also, the Rolex watches that come with these unique dials.

Rolex Watches with Jubilee Dial

The Making of Rolex Jubilee Dial

Rolex launched the first ever self-winding Rolex Datejust watch in 1945 for commemorating the brand’s 40th anniversary. The timepiece came with an innovative date window on its dial and also, a brand-new bracelet style.

While the watch was introduced during the jubilee celebration, Rolex named the brand-new bracelet as ‘Jubilee’. This Rolex Datejust was the first automatic watch that flaunted an automatically changing date window. And, this feature was a game-changer in the 40s.

However, the manufacturer released the Jubilee dial in 1985 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Rolex Datejust. Also referred to as ‘Anniversary dial’, the Jubilee dial features a repetitive pattern ‘ROLEX ROLEX’ engraved on the dial’s entire surface. Keep in mind that the 1980s was the decade of degeneracy and exhibiting one’s wealth.

Moreover, logo-mania was on the cutting edge across all luxury items. Eventually, the Jubilee style dial was in fashion, and it was indeed a Rolex watch to feature it.

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Rolex Watches That Have the Unique Jubilee Dial

This distinctive Jubilee dial style made its debut on the Rolex Datejust. However, the dial is also fitted in many DayDate ‘President’ watches, Lady Datejust timepieces and also, some Cellini references. The Jubilee dial is paired with Rolex watches in an assortment of metals like gold, stainless steel and bi-metal (gold & steel).

The brand continues to produce the Jubilee dial even today. However, Rolex has designed the logo pattern in a variety of colours, right from understated white and black, classic silver and champagne to bright pink and blue. The well-known fact is that the Jubilee dial changes its form continuously based on how the light strikes it.

Moreover, the Jubilee dial also comes with various index styles like batons, diamonds, Arabic hour markers and Roman numerals. While the dial on some Rolex watches has the text ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ engraved on it, others typically come with only the nameplate ‘Datejust’ on the dial surface.

A Beautiful Jubilee Dial Rolex Watch For You

Rolex watches are renowned and recognised universally due to their superior quality, unique design, upgraded mechanism and precision. However, when it comes to buying a Rolex, many people may get cold feet. Why? This is because of the hefty price tag. If you are on a budget, choose a more affordable option – buy pre-owned Rolex.

Whether it is new or second hand, a Rolex watch will hold its value for years (may also increase with time) and last you for years. When you buy a pre-owned Rolex watch, you are likely to get a high-quality timepiece within your budget, saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

However, if you are interested in buying a Rolex watch with Jubilee dial, take a look at the Datejust Ref: 116201. This is a very rare Rolex bi-metal Datejust Ref: 116201 featuring a 36mm steel case with original Rolex Black Jubilee Diamond dial. Although the Jubilee dial style may not be for everyone, it is ideally a perfect choice for those who want something extraordinary.

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