How to sell my watch for the best price in London?

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A luxury watch is more than a mere timekeeper that tends to retain a high resale value over the years. Unlike many other assets, luxury timepieces of prestigious brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega hardly depreciate with time and age. During short term financial emergencies, many people thus, often choose to sell luxury watches to potential watch buyers in London or anywhere in the UK and raise quick money.

Sell my watch in London

You may own a luxury watch that has been worn every day for the last 10years or maybe, you have never worn. Whatever it might be, if you are looking to sell watches, or ‘how to sell my watch’ quickly and conveniently for the best price, follow the steps given below:

  • Fill up the online form of any potential watch buyers in London or anywhere in the UK
  • Attach high-resolution pictures of your watch from many angles to showcase its condition clearly
  • Find your watch’s original box & papers as it may add value and also, check the original documents or certificate to know its serial and model number.

3 Essential Things to consider before selling your watch

Once you decide to sell your watch, it is essential for you to consider some aspects to help you get the best possible offer on your asset. Take a look!

  • Original box & papers

Ideally, the original box and papers add to the value of a pre-owned watch in the second hand market. While the box and associated documents ensure the authenticity of a timepiece, many potential watch buyers are more interested in buying watches that retain the box and papers. Regardless, you can also sell your watch for cash without them and expect to obtain a good resale price especially if it is in good working condition.

  • The condition of your watch

Before you finally head out to ‘sell watches’, it is foremost important to establish the condition of your second hand watch. The condition of your used watch will play a vital role in determining the final price that a trustworthy watch buyer is willing to offer for it. You are likely to secure a higher value for a pre-owned watch that is regularly serviced and in excellent condition without any significant damages in any part.

Regardless of age or model, the condition of your watch will remain the utmost importance.

  • High-quality photographs

If you decide to sell your watch online, it is prime-requisite to provide high-quality pictures. This will help potential buyers to verify your watch’s condition explicitly and eventually, determine the best possible price that you are likely to obtain for it.

So, where can I sell my watch in London?

Although there are many places where you can sell your pre-owned watch, it is always essential to choose a reliable and trusted watch buyer who offers a more convenient and secure way to sell watches or ‘sell luxury watches London’. Take some time to research and get initial quotes from some of the most trustworthy watch buyers in London.

To get a price quote, you have to simply:

  • Fill up the online form
  • Provide all the details of your watch as much as possible and make sure, to include high-quality photos
  • Get your initial valuation shortly.

Here’s the bottom line:

For those who are wondering how to sell watches or sell luxury watches in London, get in touch with a reliable watch buyer near you who have substantial knowledge and experience in the second hand watch market. With a well-established and trustworthy dealer, you are likely to sell a watch more comfortably and straightforwardly, obtaining the most competitive price in the market.

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