How to Determine the Price of a Pre-owned Rolex Watch?

High-end watches like Rolex symbolises the ultimate luxury and craftsmanship. Indeed, they are globally recognised and adored status symbols.

While luxury watches combine elegant designs and complex mechanisms, they typically appreciate with time. However, the resale value of each used luxury watch varies significantly based on its artistry, technicalities and many other factors.

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When it comes to pre-owned Rolex watches, their value remains typically in flux.

However, if you choose to sell your Rolex in London, how much you are likely to obtain for it?

The fair and accurate market value of a used Rolex does not only depend on its age.

The fact is that many factors are taken into consideration when determining the resale value of a pre-owned Rolex watch.

Let’s today know about all the aspects that contribute a lot to a used Rolex buying price in the second hand market.

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Is your Rolex watch in good working condition?

The condition of your luxury watch will significantly influence its resale value. When you head out to sell your Rolex watch, potential watch buyers will take into consideration its condition to determine its fair resale market value.

In most instances, if a watch is overall in perfect working condition, its resale value is likely to be higher.

Thus, it is essential to take care of a luxury watch and service it regularly for maintaining its condition.

However, some ageing signs in rare vintage watches like tropical dials and patina are often desirable, thereby increasing their value.

Model & Reference Number

Rolex watches tend to retain their value well with time than the ones of other watches brands.

Thus, if you ask, “Is a Rolex watch a good investment?” the answer will be straightforward, yes.

  • However, some Rolex references, especially the rare and limited edition ones, are more famous and coveted compared to others.
  • For example, a vintage Rolex Submariner typically commands a higher price than vintage Rolex Datejust watches.

However, it depends on several factors like the current market trends and demand.

At The Luxury Hut, we continually keep track of the changing trends in the second hand market and determine how a particular brand and model is performing.

And this enables us to offer the best possible price for any Rolex watches sold to us.

Thus, sell your Rolex watch to us in London today and raise instant cash.

Original Parts

If a Rolex watch retains all its original factory parts, it is likely to increase the overall resale price of that specific model.

However, it might be interesting to know that resale prices can vary significantly between a genuine Rolex and a circa-correct Rolex watch.

Thus, what’s the difference between the two?

An authentic Rolex means the brand manufactured each component used in the timepiece. It has not been redevised with any custom or aftermarket additions.

Such a Rolex watch is 100% authentic but not circa-correct one.

Now, what is a circa-correct Rolex?

A circa-correct Rolex is the one that boasts all components that were originally fitted at the time of its production.

  • This means the watch retains each of its original Rolex’s in-house parts.
  • Collectors typically covet for entirely circa-correct Rolexes, no matter if they have signs of age and wear.

Moreover, potential watch buyers in London or other big cities often also ensure top prices for a complete circa-correct Rolex watch.

Many Rolex owners tend to replace a damaged or worn-out part with the latest components of that specific model.

Indeed, the later-era replacement watch elements are 100% authentic and also, maybe superior in functionality.

However, they can cause a significant cutback in the overall value of the Rolex watch for not being completely circa-correct.

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Original Box & Papers

You can indeed be able to sell Rolex watches without papers and box to any trusted Rolex watch buyers in London like at The Luxury Hut.

However, the original box and paperwork add to the value of a watch as they help in verifying its authenticity.

Find out more on how to verify the authenticity of a Rolex watch.

Many times, owners lose or misplace these items unwittingly over the years. And we at The Luxury Hut understand that.

A Rolex watch with its original box and papers is likely to fetch you an excellent resale price.

However, you can sell a Rolex without them to us with full confidence and also expect to obtain a competitive price, especially if it is in good working condition.

Thus, how much is your Rolex watch worth? Check out our Rolex buying price guide now. Or, fill in our online form today for a free valuation.


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