The Most Iconic Rolex President Day-Date Gold Watch

Luxury gold watches are widely available in the market. Top brands like Omega, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet have produced some of the famous gold watches.

However, the most universally recognised gold watch ideally comes from Rolex.

Rolex day-date president

Rolex manufactures many solid gold watches, but the Gold Rolex President Day-Date is the most iconic of all.

Thus, let’s today explore some of the significant factors that make the Rolex Presidential Day-Date Gold the most legendary and famous model in the luxury watch industry.

Origination of an Icon

The Rolex Presidential Day-Date watch has flaunted the wrists of many noteworthy people of the world.

Rolex introduced the model in 1956, offering two signature features to its dial.

  • One, the watch flaunts the day of the week at 12 o’clock position, spelt out in full.
  • Secondly, it features a date display at the 3 o’clock location that changes automatically.

However, the brand always offered Presidential watches in precious metal.

For example, the watch comes in solid platinum, white gold, and rose gold and also, in a discontinued “Tri” combination of three gold colours.

Regardless, the yellow gold Rolex President is more cherished and desired.


The Rolex President Day-Date is also well-recognised for its signature bracelet.

The watch comes with the patented “President” bracelet and thus, it is nicknamed as “Rolex Presidential”.

However, the bracelet typically features 3-piece, semi-circular links with concealed Crownclasp.

Among the top four Rolex bracelets, the President is known to be the most superior bracelet options in the brand’s catalogue.

The reputation of this legendary bracelet is so higher that the watch is commonly referred to as the “Rolex President”.

Some Popular Rolex Presidential Watches

The Rolex reference 1803 is one of the early vintage models, commonly available in the Day-Date collection.

Introduced in the 1960s, Rolex continued this watch’s production until 1978.

  • However, the interesting fact is that this reference boasts unique retro-aesthetic with a vintage-style “Pie-Pan” dial and acrylic crystal.
  • While this is a rarer feature not found on all Day-Date versions, the reference 1803 is highly coveted among Rolex lovers and collectors.

In the 1970s, the Day-Date 18038 replaced the reference 1803, discontinuing the Pie-Pan dial.

The reference 18038 features a flat dial layout that has a pretty more modern appeal.

  • Moreover, it is ideally the first reference in the Day-Date lineup to feature a sapphire crystal and the Calibre 3055 movement.
  • The movement comes with the Single-Quickset function. Thus, wearers can simply twist the crown to adjust the date functionality.
  • The movement oscillates at a rate of 28,800bph.

However, the next significant Day-Date watch is reference 18238.

The watch houses the Calibre 3135 movement that comes with Double-quickset function.

  • The Double-Quickset system allows the users to adjust the day and date displays via the crown independently.
  • However, the reference 118238 made a debut of a little bit redesigned case, as well as bracelet.

While the bracelet sported thicker lugs, the bracelet featured a refined clasp and more solid links.

This generation of Rolex Presidential Day-Date collection continued using the Calibre 3155.

Later, the latest Calibre 3255 movement replaced the Calibre 3155 that had a power reserve up to 70hours and a more effective Chronergy escapement.

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