4 Tips on How to Take Care of your Luxury Watch

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A Luxury watch is more than merely something that tells the time. While a watch of an elite brand like Rolex or Cartier represents an individual’ lifestyle and social status, it also possesses a high emotional and monetary significance. Luxury watches are built to last for generations, retaining a high-resale value over the time. Like many others, you may also decide to sell your watch in London to raise money right away during short-term financial needs.

Luxury Watch

Although your luxury watch can help you to obtain a decent price when selling it in the second hand market, you are likely to procure a higher value from any potential watch buyer if your timepiece is appropriately maintained and in good condition.

If properly taken care of, a luxury watch can be passed from generation to generation and also, you can sell your watch for cash with full confidence to a trustworthy watch buyer in London or anywhere in the UK.

With this in mind, take a look at the tips given below that will keep your luxury timepiece a valuable heirloom for years to come and eventually, can fetch you the most competitive price when you choose to ‘sell my watch London’:

Maintain your luxury watch

Your luxury watch is a precious asset, so make sure it is not exposed to water, extreme temperatures or any other primary damaging component. For timepieces that are not waterproof, it is essential to avoid using any liquid for cleaning; otherwise, they may suffer from some destruction.   Instead, you can use a soft dry cloth for wiping it down, paying close attention to inside and out to assure no dust is left behind.

If your watch is water resistant, you can use a soft damp cloth followed by a dry one for removing any excess moisture. While luxury watches with leather straps are recommended to keep away from the water even if the timepieces are certified as water-resistant, metal bracelets can be removed from the case if required and cleaned with lukewarm soapy water.

Service your watch regularly

Luxury watches require servicing from time to time for maintaining their precision over the years. While the servicing needs may vary from brand to brand, it also differs between a mechanical and quartz movement. Mechanical watches may necessitate servicing every four to five years, while the battery life of quartz timepieces runs typically for one to three years and it is vital to change the battery as soon as it stops functioning.

No matter whether a luxury watch is worn regularly or once in a while, servicing it every two years is often suggested to maintain its value. Servicing on a regular basis will not only help to retain your watch’s accuracy but also keep it close to pristine condition, thereby enabling you to get the highest possible price when selling your watch for cash in London or anywhere in the UK.

Wind your watch

A luxury watch is an emblem of innovation, incorporating materials and technology that tend to retain a high value in the second hand market. For those who wear their luxury watch occasionally, it may be a good idea to wind up the timepiece every few months when it is in storage. This can prevent the oily chemicals from hardening inside the watch, thereby allowing free movement of the watch’s parts.

Before winding your watch, it is essential for you to remove it from your wrist as this may provide unwanted pressure to the watch’s winding stem. Although it may be necessary to wind up your timepiece regularly to maintain its precision, make sure to stop once you feel the resistance to avoid the chances of over-winding.

Store a luxury watch properly

While the condition of your watch will play a significant role in determining its overall value, it is always necessary to keep your timepiece in proper order when not in use. You can store your luxury watch in one of these two ways:

One, keep your luxury watch in its original high-quality watch box to prevent it from any damage.

Second, wrap up your watch in a soft cloth of some kind instead of leaving it naked in your desk drawer. It will not only keep your watch away from dust but also protect it from accidental contact with other materials.

The value of a luxury watch is likely to increase if it is in a good working condition. Indeed, many professional and reliable watch buyers in London often promise to provide the highest price for pre-owned watches of superior quality and condition. Thus, if you are a luxury watch owner, make sure that you are offering the necessary care and attention to your asset, enabling it to keep hold of its value in the long-run.


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