How do I know My Rolex is genuine?

Rolex is one of the most desirable watch brands, universally recognised for prestige, quality and precision. While every watch is designed to absolute perfection, Rolex watches tend to hold high value with time. Thus, you can choose to sell your Rolex or ‘sell Rolex watches’ to raise instant cash in a hard-up situation.

my Rolex is genuine

Rolex utilises the patent 904L stainless steel that is more durable and corrosion-resistant. The manufacturer also produces its precious metals and alloys to assure similar integrity of each watch. However, Rolex is also one of the most counterfeited wristwatch brands out there in the market.  In many instances, the difference between an original Rolex watch and a fake one may not be noticeable. But:

There are indeed some practical ways that help to determine whether your Rolex watch is real or counterfeit. Take a look!

Model and Serial Number engraving

  • On a genuine Rolex, the model and serial numbers are precisely and deeply marked in fine lines. And, the letters often shine at an angle in the light like a diamond cut edge.
  • Reversely, the numbers on a fake Rolex are usually made up of tiny faint dots.
  • In many cheap imitations, an ‘acid-etching’ technique is used to make the markings of the serial number. Thus, the numbers offer a ‘sandy’ appearance under magnification.
  • An authentic Rolex watch will have detailed and perfect engraving, between the lugs.

Letters on the Dial

  • Rolex watches are popular and admired for their accuracy and perfection. If you come across any small undetectable defects in your watch, you can be pretty sure that it is not the real deal.
  • Try to look at the letters on your timepiece’s dial using a magnifying lens.
  • Every letter on an original Rolex dial is precisely and perfectly formed with smooth curves and straight lines. Moreover, the spaces between the letters and words are consistent.
  • If you notice any inconsistent spaces between the letters, uneven fonts, or smudges under magnification, the watch is possibly not a genuine Rolex.


The Cyclops is the magnifying lens located above the date window over the dial.

  • The magnifying lens on a genuine Rolex is convex. Moreover, the Cyclops magnifies the date up to 2.5 times for better readability.
  • The date takes up virtually the entire window.
  • However, the Cyclops is indeed a difficult part to counterfeit. The magnifying lens on a fake Rolex will appear flat on close inspection. Some counterfeits may magnify the date but not to the point that the whole window is filled.
  • The Cyclops will not also be placed precisely over the date in the centre. Thus, if the magnification window appears gloomy or off centre, you are definitely dealing with a counterfeit.


Rolex watches are originally made from the finest and precious metal and materials. Eventually, these elements add some weight to the timepieces.

  • A Rolex watch will always feel substantial and hefty on your wrist as well as in your hands.
  • On the contrary, a fake Rolex will feel flimsy and lighter. They are typically manufactured using cheapest and low-quality materials.
  • If your timepiece feels incredibly lightweight, you are likely dealing with a forgery.

Engravings on the case-back

  • Rolex does not generally engrave the exterior of their watches’ case-backs with logos, or words. The only exceptions to this are the models like COMEX, vintage Sea Dweller and some rare older watches.
  • Some genuine older Rolex lady Datejust models such as Ref. 69174, 69173 and 6917 also have ‘Registered Design’ and ‘Stainless Steel’ on the back.
  • If the Rolex watch you are looking at has engravings on its case-back, the chances are that you have a counterfeit Rolex.

The Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer –Rolex is globally recognised for high-end luxury watches that are crafted to perfection. Eventually, Rolex watches are never cheap. Some of the most affordable Rolex watches are reportedly known to sell for over £3,000.  And, the world’s most expensive Rolex timepieces sell for over a million pounds. Thus, if you are ever offered an unusually low price for a Rolex watch, don’t accept.

However, if you are still unsure whether your Rolex is genuine or not, take your watch to your local pawnbroker in London and ensure its authenticity.

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