3 Significant Vintage Rolex Details

If you own a vintage Rolex, it is indeed unique.

While a watch grows older throughout the years, it recites the tale of the life it has survived. The timepiece turns into a unique piece – unique in condition as well as appearance.

Additionally, the rare variations and complications of the reference can make it highly valuable.

Vintage Rolex watches

However, each model ages in a different way. There is also no such prescribed formula to calculate the value of each vintage watch.

So, is your Rolex a vintage piece? How much your Rolex is worth?

Not sure? – You may get your answer here.

Today, we will be spotlighting three important details on vintage Rolex watches that may impart its uniqueness and rarity.


Does your Rolex watch exhibits dents or scratches?

The fewer the scratches, dents or other damages your Rolex has, the better will be its value.

The condition of your watch is always the most crucial key.

However, there is always an exception to this rule.

For example, the vintage Submariner and GMT-Master watch with faded ‘shabby’ bezels indeed worth more.

While the anodized aluminium bezels get exposed to sun and other atmospheric elements, they gradually faded to colours like sky-blue, grey and fuchsia.

Today’s vintage watch collectors refer these unique coloured bezels as ‘ghost bezels’.

Thus, consider the condition of your Rolex watch carefully. Look for the desirable wear and tear like the ‘ghost bezel’ that is likely to increase its overall value.

And, you can decide to sell your Rolex watch to any potential Rolex buyers in London or any other big cities with full confidence.


The price you are likely to obtain for your vintage Rolex timepiece will significantly depend on its originality.

Did you service your watch over the years?

If yes, then the chances are that some parts had been replaced with newer ones. Because of the natural ageing process and regular wear, the original parts get distorted over the years.

Moreover, if you want to retain the maximum value of your vintage Rolex, then polishing is a big no.

Even if a damaged part like a faded bezel is replaced with a genuine newer one, it will cause a considerable cutback in its resale value.

However, in many instances, the existence of genuine replacement parts will hardly influence a watch’s value.

Variations in Rolex Dial & Bezels

Rolex has upgraded and refined many of its watches throughout the years, keeping true to their aesthetic. One significant example of the variation that has occurred over the years is the Rolex Submariner’s ‘meters first’ dial.

The modern Rolex Submariner timepieces flaunt the depth rating with the feet-measurement at first and then, meters – (1000ft = 300m).

But, the order of depth rating is reversed on the older Mark III, Mark II and Mark I dials.

While the ‘meters first’ dials are rarer than their ‘feet-first’ counterparts, they are more valuable and collectable.

However, this subtle detail is easily often overlooked by those who aren’t conversant with vintage Rolex models.

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