The Cartier Tank Cintree

Cartier introduced the first Tank watch in 1917 for the American General John Pershing. Four years after, the brand launched the first Cartier Tank Cintree in 1921. Featuring an elongated case, dial and cabochon crown, the Cintree was a modification of the Tank Normale.

Cartier Tank Cintree

However, it is worth mentioning that Cartier introduced the vintage models of the Tank Cintree in limited numbers. And, iterations that remain in the original condition are nearly impossible to find.

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The Cartier Tank Cintree: Features

Last year, Cartier released an enticing alternative of the original Tank Cintree at SIHH. However, the brand introduced the new Cintree models one year after Cartier commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Tank collection.

The rejuvenated Tank Cintree models are available in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold.

The Case

The Cartier Tank Cintree is considered as a more sophisticatedly proportioned dress timepiece. Each part of the watch offers a look and feel of a perfect vintage watch.

  • The Tank Cintree comes with a case size that measures 46.3mm x 23mm.
  • The case is gently arched that accentuates its thin body.
  • The manufacturer offered a long brushed finish along the case sides.
  • Moreover, the case has four screws that run along the length of the watch.

However, the watch case comes with the engraving ‘Cartier’ on its back along with other markings that indicate the watch is made of platinum or gold, mechanical and also, made in Switzerland.

The Dial

The new Cartier Tank Cintree models come with a simple, extended Arabic numeral dial design, carrying an early Art Deco aesthetics.

  • The dial has only two numbers 12 and 6 and printed stick markers.
  • However, the platinum edition comes ideally with the most underrated dial, featuring a minor difference between the light grey dial and the applied markers in white gold.
  • On the contrary, the yellow gold Tank Cintree’s dial flaunts markings and numerals in a little bit faded print.
  • The rose gold example features a sheen black dial with crisp, bright white numerals.

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The Movement

The Calibre 8971 MC movement powers the Cartier Tank Cintree.

  • This manually wound, oval movement fits perfectly into the elongated rectangular case of the Tank Cintree.
  • Moreover, the 8971 MC movement has 18jewels, power reserve of nearly 38hours and runs at 21,600vph.

The Strap & Buckle

The Cartier Tank Cintree models are fitted with alligator straps and buckles that match the case material. However, each watch comes with perfectly matched straps. For example:

While the yellow-gold edition features light brown straps, the pink gold Cintree comes with dark brown straps and the special platinum edition with grey straps.

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