Review: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Bronze cases have turned to be pretty a growing trend in the watch industry, particularly in the sports realm of diver’s watches.

Of course, the component is exceptionally suitable for watches that are designed to spend maximum time underwater.

Review: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze | Sell Watch in London

Historically, bronze alloys have been employed in building ships and manufacturing diving equipment.

However, this metal has another charm besides the maritime community in the watch lovers community.

Bronze can develop a unique, vintage-look patina over the years, giving an incredible character.

Indeed, each metal ages. But the patented aluminium-bronze alloy used in the Tudor Black Bay is significantly built to change colour.

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The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze reference 79250BM carries a retro appeal. However, with a rotating diver bezel and contemporary 43mm case, the watch places itself securely in the brand’s modern lineup.

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze: Design

While Tudor endorses the reputation of its sister company Rolex, it employs an elegant combination of superior and robust materials for making its watches. 

The brand made the Pelagos collection from titanium to offer maximum resistance to corrosion.

  • However, titanium also makes the watch feel lighter on the wrist. 
  • Additionally, Tudor fitted this underwater tool watch with a helium escape valve, offering water-resistance up to 500m.

On the contrary, the brand designed the Black Bay models taking inspiration from the iconic Submariner watches. 

Introduced in 2012, the Tudor Black Bay watches flaunt a vintage-styled design, characterised by big crowns with no guards and sapphire crystals. 

However, the Black Bay watches were fitted with in-house movements from 2016. 

The Black Bay Bronze

The Black Dial Bezel | Sell My Watch London

The Tudor Black Bay collection has a wide range of different models. 

But the Black Bay Bronze constitutes the top model from the traditional Black Bay collection. 

  • The model features a 43mm watch case and a unique dial. 
  • It combines retro design elements with contemporary cutting-edge technology. 
  • Interestingly, the Black Bay Bronze is the only model to feature a bronze case. 

Like we already mentioned, bronze can develop a patina, reflecting its owner’s life. 

Thus, Tudor designed these bronze timepieces exclusively to exhibit their age. However, the brand does so in a graceful way. 

  • The bronze material will slightly darken over time when exposed to the elements.
  • The many corners on the case and crown will show their personality with time. 
  • However, they will be complemented further by two distinct brown shades on the bezel and dial. 

The Dial & Bezel

The Dial Bezel | Sell My Watch London

The Tudor Black Bay Bronze flaunts a piercing shade of bronze bezel. Moreover, the brand offered the watch an “Explorer dial” design that is ideally not found on any of the latest Black Bay models.

While the dial colour looks like nearly a bittersweet chocolate, the bezel is more like a dark caramel colour. 

However, the hands and hour markers feature a little bit off-white luminescent material and a contrasting honey-toned canvas or leather straps. Now, this offers more vintage character and styling to the watch. 

The Movement

The Tudor patented Calibre MT5601 movement powers the Black Bay Bronze watch. 

  • This in-house made engine provides a power reserve up to 70-hour. 
  • Unlike other generic movements, the Calibre MT5601 is chronometer-certified and offers top-notch precision and durability. 

With such a transparent proposition to watchmaking, Tudor can stand out within the luxury watch industry. 

Moreover, the movement features a silicon balance spring, a balance bridge, and an adjustable free-sprung mass balance. 

This enables the Calibre MT5601 to function flawlessly within its water-resistant, rugged case. 

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze | Sell Your Watch London

Undoubtedly, the Tudor Black Bay Bronze provides a modern state-of-the-art technology feel, straddling the line between contemporary and vintage. 

While the patina develops and darkens gradually, each Black Bay Bronze watch will appear entirely different from one another. 

Indeed, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze is one of the unique models presently in the brand’s collection. 

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Review Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

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