6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Oris Watches

Oris is one of the famous Swiss watchmakers whose watches are distinguished by their symbolic red rotor.

6 facts you didnot know about oris watches

Indeed, the watches characterise some of the best value for money within the horological industry. However, many collectors are not possibly well-conversant about the company.

Thus, let’s today explore this Swiss manufacturer and know six unknown facts about the Oris timepieces.

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1. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris in 1904

Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the brand after the duo purchased the factory “Lohner & Co. Watch”.

  • However, the name “Oris” was given after a local brook in Holstein.
  • Later, the duo established one more factory and an assembly plant in a neighbouring town.
  • Eventually, Oris flourished impressively by 1911 and recruited one of the biggest employers in the small Swiss town.

The company had its factories in many nearby towns by the 1920s, including Holderbank, Courgenay, Como, and Holstein.

2. Oris has four categories – Motorsport, Culture, Aviation, and Diving

The brand’s lineup includes four primary categories, catering to different professions.

Interestingly, some Oris professional tool watches are coveted among collectors of every lifestyle due to their exclusive functions and style.

However, the four different categories are Motorsport, Culture, Aviation, and Diving.

And some of the most popular watches for every category are namely the Chronoris motorsport watch, the Big Crown ProPilot Aviation watch, the classic Artelier watch, the Aquis Diver’s watch.

3. Oris produced its first automatic movement in 1952.

Oris introduced its first automatic 17-jewel movement in 1952.

  • The movement featured a power reserve indicator with the ability of highly precise timekeeping.
  • With the launch of the self-winding Calibre 601, the brand was heading towards its “Golden Years”.

Oris made many more innovations of movement that included its first chronometer – Calibre 652.

4. Oris produced a Worldtimer watch

The Worldtimer function is indeed an incredible complication. It can regulate the local time backwards or forward in hour increments.

  • Users have only to press the pushers on either side of the case.
  • However, along the time, the date gets adjusted accordingly, thereby making the Worldtimer a useful and innovative traveller’s watch.

The Oris Worldtimer was one of the leading aviation watches that enabled the user in tracking time while travelling to different places.

Moreover, the brand introduced the new Artelier Worldtimer in 2004 for celebrating its 100th anniversary.

5. Many Oris models are recognised by a unique red rotor

Oris is considered as one of the independent Swiss watchmakers. The brand produces both premium quality and affordable luxury watches.

Interestingly, the watchmaker introduced today’s legendary “Red Rotor” for celebrating its success in 2002.

The Red Rotor is indeed the defining feature of Oris that can be seen on many of its watches via the transparent case backs.

6. Oris’ logo was redefined in 2018

Oris redefined its logo in 2018 for including its founding year 1904.

  • However, the logo also comes with the Swiss town Holstein, where the company was established.
  • The brand made such an upgrade to commemorate its dedication to making contemporary timepieces.
  • It also celebrated the beginning of the campaign “Go Your Own Way” of the brand.

This campaign represents Oris’ devotion to creating exclusive and superior quality Swiss-made timepieces.

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