5 Most Desirable Rolex Daytona Models

The Rolex Daytona is a celebrity in the world of luxury watches. While the watch is officially known as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, it is more commonly called the Daytona.

Since the 1960s, the model has been available in the market, and indeed, the Daytona’s popularity has only grown stronger.

rolex cosmograph daytona

All Daytona models are pretty popular. But some Rolex Daytona models are more famous and coveted among every collector.

Let’s today explore five such Daytona watches and the reasons why collectors gaze over them.

1. Rolex Daytona Reference 6263

The Rolex Daytona ref. 6263 is one of the last references of hand-wound Daytona watches ever made.

  • Rolex produced the model from the early 1970s till the late 1980s.
  • The watch flaunted an Oyster waterproof case, screw-down pushers, and a tachymeter black bezel.
  • However, the Daytona reference 6263 housed the upgraded Valijoux 727.

The watch may come in gold or steel and with the standard Rolex dial or the sought-after “Paul Newman” dial. Nonetheless, collectors consider the Rolex Daytona 6263 as a grail timepiece.

2. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 16520

In 1988, Rolex started to equip the Daytona models with the automatic Zenith EI Primero movements.

Moreover, Rolex also upgraded the automatic Daytona’s style to fit a more prominent case and tachymeter bezels.

  • The Daytona 16520 featured a 40mm stainless steel Oyster case, chronograph screw-down pushers, and an Oyster steel bracelet.
  • However, Rolex offered the model in two dial options – white dial or black dial.


What makes the Daytona 16520 so popular among collectors?

The reference 16520 is the first automatic Daytona watch that paved the way for mechanical Daytona collection.

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3. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506

It is ideally customary for Rolex to introduce a special edition for marking an anniversary of a collection.

In 2013, the brand came up with the platinum Daytona ref 116506 to celebrate Daytona’s 50th anniversary.

  • However, reference 116506 was the first-ever Daytona model that Rolex introduced in platinum.
  • Additionally, it is the only timepiece to sport a Cerachrom brown ceramic bezel.
  • The platinum and solid-link Oyster bracelet add significantly to the watch’s weight.

Rolex aficionados always have an eye on the brand’s anniversary watches. Thus, this platinum Rolex Daytona is also a model that each collector gawks over.

4. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN

Interestingly, Rolex aficionados were literally waiting for the brand to release a steel version featuring a black ceramic bezel.

However, the Daytona range already had many vintage steel iterations with black bezels.

  • Finally, in 2016, Rolex launched the Daytona reference 116500LN.
  • The watch featured a steel 40mm Oyster case, screw-down crown and pushers, and a steel Oyster bracelet.
  • The more exciting feature was the black Cerachrom bezel that Rolex lovers were yearning for long.

Additionally, Rolex offered a choice of the black or white dial, eventually making the 116500LN a watch to own.

However, the white dial, also popularly referred to as the “Panda” is a little bit more expensive.

This is because the reference 116500LN with white “Panda” dial is similar to the vintage Daytona ref 6263 with a white dial.

Undoubtedly, the Rolex Daytona ref 116500LN is a highly collectable model that ideally comes with twice its retail price in the pre-owned market.

5. Rolex Daytona Reference 116508

Rolex released the Daytona reference 116508 in 2016.

But the fact is that the Daytona 116500LN cloaked its debut in the same year.

Like the solid yellow gold models, Rolex watches with green dials have always held a unique place in the brand’s catalogue.

  • The Daytona reference 116508 features a green dial, yellow gold 40mm case, and the famous Oyster bracelet.
  • However, it is one of the few modern Daytona models with no ceramic bezel.
  • Instead, the watch flaunts an engraved tachymeter bezel.

From the case to the bracelet, the reference 116508 is made of 18ct solid yellow gold.

With a solid yellow gold construction, metallic green dial and compelling history, this Daytona version is another successful watch to flaunt on the wrist.

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