Why Swiss Made Watches Are Expensive?

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Whenever you think of a quality watch, the first thing that ideally comes to mind is ‘Swiss watch’.
So, what do you think the hype is really about? Why luxury watch enthusiast value Swiss-made timepieces above everything else?

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The fact is that the tradition of Swiss watchmaking is backed by a rich and captivating history of innovation that yet persists to this day. Moreover, the watches are intricately designed and developed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.

The Swiss-made watches are made up of the finest components and incorporate the most complex movements, thereby making them expensive. Thus, these elaborate and complicated timepieces can indeed command prices in the millions.

Yes, it may seem to be a lot of money merely to tell the time. But, any luxury watches aficionados will tell you that these watches are more than mere devices for telling the time. Thus, the question remains:

What makes the Swiss-made watches so expensive? Continue reading below to find out.

What is Exactly a Swiss Watch?

Let’s start with the understanding of the aspects that qualify a watch to be ‘Swiss made’. The term ‘Swiss made’ was officially adopted in the late 19th century. However, it indicated that the watch met the stringent Swiss watch manufacturing standard of the day.

In simple words, a watch has to meet some specific guidelines to be labelled as ‘Swiss Made’. But, as of January 1, 2017, the guidelines that qualify a Swiss watch changed.

Before 2017, it was focused on three significant factors:

  • At least 50% of the components used in the watch’s movement should be Swiss
  • The movement should be housed in Switzerland
  • The manufacturer of the watch should have its final inspection in Switzerland.

As of 2017, to have the term ‘Swiss made’ engraved on a watch’s dial, no corners could be cut with regards to these five rules:

  • At least 60% of the production costs of the timepiece must be based in Switzerland
  • At least 60% of the production of the movement should be done in Switzerland
  • At least 50% of the movement’s parts must be made in Swiss
  • The movement and the technical development of the watch have to be Swiss-made
  • The watch’s final inspection must be done in Switzerland.

So, What Makes A Swiss Watch So Expensive?

A Swiss watch is created under exacting requirements and has been dominating in the market for decades. However, does it signify that they worth a hefty price tag?

The straightforward answer is, yes it does. The strict Swiss standards set out are not the only factors that make the Swiss timepieces unique. The different components that are fitted into a Swiss-made watch contribute to its premium price. These include:

  • High-quality materials – Swiss watches are made using only the finest of components, be it the watch’s metal body or the crystal on the dial. These materials assure that the timepiece will remain accurate and durable for generations
  • New Intricate Movement – Luxury Swiss watchmakers like Rolex pride themselves on devising new, innovative movements. While these movements are hand-assembled, they can take years to design and be precise to work accurately for centuries.
  • Manufacturing Time – A finely designed watch can take several months to produce. For example, Rolex is known to take one year to create a new watch. However, due to slow production time and high market demand, the price of the luxury Swiss timepieces increases.
  • Luxury Image – Luxury Swiss watches exemplify exclusivity and conjure images of prestige and class. Not only luxury watch enthusiasts or collectors are prepared to pay a premium for Swiss-made watches, potential watch buyers in London or any other big cities are also willing to pay the highest price for Swiss watches. And, this is indeed good news for those who are looking to sell watches to raise instant cash.

How to sell your watch?

The Luxury Hut provides a quick, secure and straightforward way to sell luxury watches online or via appointment. We understand both the historical and monetary significance of the watches manufactured by elite Swiss brands such as Rolex, Omega and many others. Thus, you are likely to receive a fair and competitive price when selling your watch to us.

For those who are planning to ‘sell their watch’ or ‘sell watches in London’, begin the process of selling by:

  • Filling up our online form – providing all details of your luxury watch as much as possible
  • Receive an initial price quote
  • Bring in or send your watch to confirm the final offer
  • Accept it and get paid immediately.


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