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Great choice! So, you’ve finally decided to buy Cartier watch, the brand primarily known for creating the world’s first pilot watches and most desirable as a fine jewellery brand. Cartier’s reputation as a notable watchmaker started from 1970 onwards when the brand took the first steps to move out of the Quartz Calibres.

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In recent years, Cartier has become a significant luxury watchmaker that houses some of the best in-house mechanical movements and sports some of the most elegant watch designs of all time. History has it that the brand is most famous amongst the royalties and elites, making it even more appealing to invest in.

A Cartier timepiece is best as an investment that will last a lifetime and beyond. Moreover, if ever you decide to sell luxury watches, you can retrieve an excellent resale value in the pre-owned market. At The Luxury Hut, the experts will offer an instant valuation and, after that, provide instant cash when selling your watches.

Now, when you’re out in the market to purchase your first-ever Cartier, a set of rules isn’t necessarily going to help you pick your best. Each Cartier timepiece holds great significance and is instantly recognisable. If you aren’t sure which Cartier model suits you the best, we believe that this blog will give you a clear vision.

Brief History about the Brand: Cartier

Founder Louis-Francois Cartier launched the brand in 1847 in Paris to cater to the elite. He planned to build timepieces with luxury and beauty. Not many are aware, but Cartier was among the first to popularise men’s wristwatches.

Back in those days, people wore watches mainly attached to chains and carried them in their pockets. Cartier revolutionised this practice by designing watches that men could wear on their wrists.

Another most notable thing that came along was ladies’ wristwatches. So far, watches were only appropriate for men and women weren’t allowed to wear them. Cartier brought a revolution by curating timepieces for women.

Why do Cartier Watches make For an Excellent Buy?

If you’re looking to purchase Cartier as an investment option, you’ll be delighted with the wide range of choices that the luxury brand has to offer. Each timepiece comes with exclusive features and designs that make them a must-have!

There are steel, gold, and even two-tone ones. Some watches have quartz movements, while others have automatic calibres or manual winding. You can avail yourself of a wide array of options, ranging from affordable to ultra-expensive.

Some of Cartier Watch’s Key Features

Cartier watches flaunt a few significant characteristics despite the incredible variety, making them instantly recognisable. They are as follows:

  • A secret Cartier signature present in the VII or X hour marker
  • A silver dial with blue sword-shaped hands, black Roman numerals, and a guilloche pattern
  • A blue cabochon-cut stone set in the crown
  • A precise railroad-style minute track
  • An engraved watch case back

Cartier Watch Models to Buy

Cartier has spoilt buyers with choices, making it increasingly difficult to choose one. Hence, to make it easier for you, we have listed the best ones that not just appeal aesthetically but have great resale value in the secondary market.

1. Santos

Key Specifications:

  • Square Case
  • Rounded Corners
  • Exposed Bezel & Bracelet Screws

Making its debut in 1904, the Cartier Santos is perhaps the most iconic watch made by the brand. It came out during a time when men mostly relied on pocket watches. The Santos-Dumont was a practical implication of the brand’s far-stretched vision and laid the foundation for the modern Cartier Santos timepieces that came out in the 1970s.

In 2018, Cartier revised and refreshed the entire Santos catalogue with new movements, sizes, and materials. You can pick a dressier or sportier Santos watch, depending on your taste.

2. Tank

Key Specifications:

  • Rectangular Case
  • Bold Roman numeral dial
  • Sword-Shaped Steel hands
  • Stretched vertical case sides that serve as lugs
  • Multiple Iterations

Even if you haven’t heard of the other names, you must have come across the famous Cartier Tank that came into existence in 1917. It is a stylish and strong timepiece inspired by the military tanks. The watch has fine proportions and lines that are both rectangular and square. Since its debut, the Cartier Tank has been made in multiple iterations, retaining the signature rectangular silhouette with vertical case sides.

The Cartier Tank is amongst the most coveted luxury watches that enjoy incredible attention in the pre-owned market. So, it is always advisable to purchase one as an investment option.

3. Ballon Bleu

Key Specifications:

  • Bulb-Shaped round case
  • Convex case back & sapphire
  • A blue cabochon-set winding crown

The New Ballon Bleu design came out during the mid-2000s as Cartier’s new fancy timepiece. The Ballon Bleu looks far more modern than the traditional Cartier watch shape with a voluminous case. The watch has a curved case back and domed sapphire crystal. One of the fascinating features of the timepiece is the blue winding crown safely roofed under the crown guard.

Due to its intriguing placement, the crown appears ‘floating’.

4. Pasha

Key Specifications:

  • Round case
  • A crown cap is attached to the watch case via a chain
  • Vendome lugs
  • Round dial with square minute track
  • The dial has four oversized Arabic numerals

Cartier released the Pasha collection in the 1980s after getting inspired by a water-resistant watch made for the Pasha of Marrakesh in 1933; a passionate swimmer and a fan of everything luxurious & fashionable. It quickly became an offbeat hit in the 80s landscape when the Cartier Pasha just came into existence.

As of 2020, Cartier has revised the Pasha with much technological advancement to make the timepiece fit perfectly into the 21st century.

5. Drive

Key Specifications:

  • Cushion-shaped, slim cases
  • Leather straps only
  • Guilloche dial pattern

Thanks to the watch’s slim profile, everyone noticed when Cartier first launched the Drive collection in 2016. The dial design is straightforward, and the leather straps only enhance the overall watch outlook. Cartier timepieces have always marked themselves on the pages of history, and the Drive watches only redefine sophistication with masterful proportions, in-house movements, and refined silhouette.

The Cartier Drive watches are amongst the best looking men’s wristwatches at the moment.


Cartier’s most subliminal aesthetic makes each timepiece stand out in the crowd. Be it the classic Tank or the dressier Ballon Bleu; the watches highlight Cartier’s knack for creating timeless watch designs that not just look fantastic but attract a great deal of attention in the secondary market for their exceptional value.

When you know what to buy and why, it’s time to consider the other perspectives as a first-time buyer. The Cartier names mentioned above make for a great investment option in today’s date. You can always sell watches at an attractive price in the pre-owned market.

As reliable watch buyers in London, the experts at The Luxury Hut will offer you an instant watch quote and pay you on-spot cash when you sell luxury watches to them!


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