The Rare Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Ref. 126719BLRO with Meteorite Dial

Rolex launched one of the most noteworthy editions, the GMT-Master II Reference 126719, in Baselworld 2019. The watch featured a white gold case and two dial options – midnight blue or the unique meteorite dial. The white gold Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi is an exclusive, special version of the famous pilot’s watch.

rolex gmt master rare piece

Let’s explore the details of the remarkable Rolex GMT-Master II White Gold Ref. 126719BLRO with the exclusive meteorite dial.

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The Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Ref. 126719BLRO

  • The Meteorite Dial That Sets the Watch Apart

Most of the meteorite dials available in the market are crafted of a single meteorite iron-nickel alloy. According to scientists, this alloy has ejected through the atmosphere millions of years before. The Gibeon Meteorite, the non-popular space rock, smashed into what is today known as Nambia. However, it scattered the rock’s pieces over nearly 240 miles by 75 miles over a wider area.

The local Nama people discovered first the meteorite’s pieces near the Gibeon village. However, the English captain J.E. Alexander confirmed the rock to be of extraterrestrial origin in 1836 after examining the collected meteorite samples.

Now, jewellers and watchmakers use this rare element that produces an appealing Widmanstatten pattern resulting from nickel-iron crystals. Take a look at the dial on the Rolex 126719. You will see striations on it that the watchmaker created by Teanite and Kamacite. Interestingly, they look like fine-grain and ribbons material.

However, the watchmaker created the crystal formation because the rock cooled while travelling through space. Expert artisans at Rolex then treat the meteorite slices with chemicals like ferric chloride or nitric acid for bringing out the natural crystalline pattern.

The meteorite requires slicing at an accurate angle due to the Widmanstatten pattern to get the design you can see on the GMT-Master II. Interestingly, you will not find two Rolex meteorite dials to be the same because the pattern occurs naturally.

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Rolex & Meteorite Dial

Rolex first turned up with meteorite dials on the Daytona and Day-Date collections. Later, this dial style joined the Datejust, GMT-Master II and Pearlmaster series. On the Rolex Cellini Moonphase, a small meteorite slice indicates the moon.

Gibeon Meteorite is among the rarest components found on Earth. Thus, a Rolex model with this material is likely to fetch a premium considering its rarity. The Rolex Ref. 126719BLRO is the only GMT-Master II to have a meteorite dial. Moreover, it is also the only iteration of a modern GMT to feature a light-coloured dial.

Rolex is one of the first watchmakers to use the rare meteorite in its watches. However, the Gibeon Meteorites are now lawfully protected. People cannot remove any of their components from where they are situated. Rolex was unfortunate to obtain its meteorite slices before the law was passed.

The elite Swiss watchmaker produces meteorite dial watches in minimal numbers. Eventually, it adds to their exclusivity and value. The solid white gold Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126719BLRO is among the costliest watches available. Like other desirable Rolex watches, demand surpasses supply in the retail market. And the second hand market values are much higher than their retail prices.

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