The Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced

Introduced first in 1957 for race car drivers and later associated with the most significant leap of humankind in 1969, the Speedmaster is Omega’s most popular watch model. Only a few watches could come close to the prestige of Omega’s signature chronograph.

omega speedmaster automatic

However, the discontinued Speedmaster Reduced model is mistaken often for the famous Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’. The fact is that:

While Omega introduced several variations of the Speedmaster, it becomes challenging to comprehend what the differences are.

At a glance, the Speedmaster Reduced watch may appear like that of the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’. But, it is indeed a different timepiece.

Let’s today explore more about the appearance and disappearance of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced.

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Omega Speedmaster Reduced: The Smaller & Cheaper Version

Omega introduced the Speedmaster Reduced in 1988 as the cheaper and smaller version of the Speedmaster watches. The watch sports a 39mm watch case that is apparently smaller compared to the 42mm Speedmaster Professional timepieces.

Moreover, the Speedmaster Reduced is also smaller than the Co-Axial Speedmaster’s 41.5mm size and the Speedmaster Racing Edition’s 44.25mm case size.

The Speedmaster Reduced model was in production for nearly two-decades; however, the brand produced only a few versions of the Speedmaster Reduced within this time.

  • The Omega Speedmaster Reduced was introduced in yellow gold, bi-tone steel and gold and stainless steel
  • The manufacturer also offered the watch in different dial colours, strap and leather versions.
  • Omega also introduced day-date, date, moon phase and perpetual calendar versions of the Speedmaster Reduced.

However, the no-date stainless steel iterations with black bezels and dials are the most common models of Speedmaster Reduced. In 2006, the manufacturer upgraded the Speedmaster Reduced, fitting it with a little bit redesign dial and a sapphire crystal.

By 2009, the production of the Speedmaster Reduced lineup was altogether put to an end.

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The Omega Speedmaster Reduced: Automatic Movement

The Omega Speedmaster Reduced is also referred to as the ‘Speedmaster Automatic’. Why? This is because the watch runs on an automatic movement. However, Omega fitted several movements over the years to the no-date Speedmaster Reduced timepieces.

  • The first movement was the Calibre 1140 (1988), followed by the Calibre 1141 movement in 1996, Calibre 1143 in 1996 and ultimately, the Calibre 3220 movement in 2000.

Nonetheless, the movement comes with ETA 2892-A2 base equipped with a Dubois Depraz 2020 chronograph constituent.

Overall, like we already mentioned earlier that the Omega Speedmaster Reduced is actually smaller and cheaper version of the more popular Speedmaster Professional. However, some people allegedly consider the Speedmaster Reduced to be a more practical iteration because of its self-winding movement.

Although the brand does not manufacture the model any longer, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced is yet a popular option in the pre-owned market.

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