29 May

4 Different Types of Luxury Watch Materials

Luxury watches are symbols of the ultimate precision, durability and success. Different brands employ different materials to craft their watches. And those materials indeed matters a great deal as they determine the watch’s durability, aesthetics and also, price. However, you might be aware that many people buy expensive watches and there are many apparent reasons […]

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breitling chronomat 2020
15 May

The New Breitling Chronomat Watches 2020

When Breitling introduced its first Chronomat in 1948, it made history instantly. The Chronomat was the first watch to feature an aviator’s slide-rule bezel. This bezel is today the hallmark of another favourite Breitling model – the Navitimer. However, Breitling revived and released the Chronomat in 1984 after a long interval to commemorate the brand’s […]

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know the value of a luxury watch
8 Jan

How to Know the Value of My Luxury Watch?

People who are considering selling a luxury watch, will likely ask the first question – How much does my watch worth? It may seem like an easy and straightforward question. But it is not. Pre-owned luxury watches like Rolex and Omega retain their value well with time and even may appreciate. However, their resale values […]

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3 Sep

Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Watch Brands

Luxury watches are not merely a device used to keep track of time. But, it also indeed represents one’s personality, taste and lifestyle. While there are many watches on a pretty affordable side, some timepieces are meant only for the posh ones. However, it is not only the hefty price tag, but with a luxury […]

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