Patek Philippe Nautilus: Market Surge for Stainless Steal Watches

With the rounded octagonal shape of the dials, Patek Philippe Nautilus truly reflects sporting elegance. The craftsmanship is ingenious, and it mirrors the incomparable class of active lifestyle.

Quite recently, the value of the stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus models have significantly increased in the pre-owned market, and this rarely happens with vintage luxury watches.

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However, this event is pretty exceptional for many different reasons like:

  • The models’ relative age that is involved in this recent rush,
  • The magnitude of this recent surge for the stainless-steel models,
  • The pace with which the surge has struck, and so on.

This 13-year-old model has now turned into a Bitcoin-like asset to timepiece collectors worldwide, which is pretty astonishing. From an investment perspective, watch enthusiasts and collectors see this as a remarkably sustainable choice.

The History Behind Patek Philippe Nautilus:

The origin of Patek Philippe Nautilus goes back to 1976, which was created as a luxury piece for men with a 40mm large, stainless-steel, luminescent, full-bracelet. It was a pure innovation of a new style.

The harmony in the design and the state-of-the-art technology offers a balance of lateral symmetry. It has a bezel with the inner face matching its outer form, which significantly better water resistance power with a sandwich-like case assembly.

The design is so unique that this collection has gone through minimal changes over the years and is still holding the true essence of the primary invention.

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The Possible Reasons That May Influence the Value Surge:

According to recent studies, there has been more than a 60% value surge from 2017 to the present of this particular Patek Philippe Nautilus. The reasons are entirely unknown, and therefore, there have been some speculations about the reason behind the price difference for the preowned timepiece to the global watch collector union.

  • Online Media: For the last few years, online platforms have become highly active in fashion and style statements. Many different social media platforms encourage fashion-forward lifestyle and let people promote the next generation style statement. With easy access to millions, this can be a very viable reason.
  • Men’s Fashion: Men’s fashion statements have been changing rapidly over the years, and the stereotypical masculine style statement has now become a thing of the past. The revolution of men’s fashion has incorporated different jewellery pieces in the design, and watches is one of the most famous pieces of all.
  • The Returning of Old Styles: Nowadays, old fashion is becoming the new trend. With the help of online media, many old styles are resurfacing with some upliftment, which can be a significant reason for this timepiece to become more valuable than ever before.
  • Core Product Appeal: Whatever the reason might be, nobody can deny the tremendous appeal of the Patek Philippe Nautilus at its core. The unique design and brilliant craftsmanship have created an evergreen masterpiece for watch enthusiasts to cherish for a lifetime.

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