Keanu Reeves Gifts Personalised Rolex Watches To ‘John Wick’ Stuntmen

Keanu Reeves fans got another reason to love this famous Canadian movie star. The Matrix actor treated four of the ‘John Wick’ stuntmen with something extraordinary and memorable – personalised Rolex watches. And what will fascinate you more is that the actor picked the brand-new Rolex Submariners as gifts.

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Picture Courtesy: The New Yorker/Rolex

The four stuntmen of the American action thriller movie, John Wick, are Jeremy Marinas, bruce Lee Conception, Li Qiang and Dave Camarillo. During the dinner last week in Paris, Keanu Reeves presented them with the Rolex Submariners, marking the end of the film shoot. The brand-new Submariner is indeed enough on its own.

However, there is another thing that makes these gifted Rolex timepieces more special. What’s that? Keep reading to find it out.

The Latest Edition of Rolex Submariner Gifted by Keanu Reeves

Is there any better watch that Reeves could have chosen as a gift? Perhaps no. Introduced in the 1950s, the Rolex Submariner is among the most recognised and coveted watches ever produced globally. Moreover, the timepiece is the archetype of the most contemporary dive timepieces.

The Submariner has survived and thrived throughout different eras and trends. Interestingly, the Swiss watchmaker Rolex designed the Submariner initially to present a robust and durable watch with an affordable price tag.

The popularity of this one-of-a-kind dive watch overgrew from 1954 to the 1970s. However, Rolex carried out the result-driven marketing tactics targeting the right group of people. The Rolex Submariner set the trend for dive timepieces, featuring a classic black dial & bezel.

So the Canadian actor could not have selected a better luxury watch as a gift than the Submariner. Well, Keanu Reeves went with the latest edition of the Rolex Submariner. It is the Reference 126610LN that debuted last year in September 2020.

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Rolex Submariner 126610LN: What Are Its Defining Features?

The bold black rotatable Cerachrom bezel topped on an Oystersteel case will tempt your eyes.

  • You won’t miss noticing the luminous hour markers on the classic black dial due to their apparent size.
  • Moreover, the watch sports the brand’s signature Cyclops lens.
  • And what completes the overall elegance of the model is the sporty Oyster bracelet.

The Oyster case houses the Rolex’s automatic Calibre 3235 movement, delivering 70 hours of power reserve. Undoubtedly, Reference 126610LN is an exquisite Submariner. It flaunts the most recognised design in the brand’s professional watch catalogue. So this makes it the perfect choice for the five ‘John Wick’ stuntmen.

However, there is more to it.

Keanu Reeves gifted personalised Rolex Submariner watches to the John Wick Five to ensure they always remember the time they spent together while making the movie. The watches feature the engraving “The John Wick Five. Thank You, Keanu. JW4. 2021.”

Jeremy Marinas posted the watch’s close-up snap on Instagram, captioning “Best wrap gift ever”.

Today, it is hard to get hands-on a new or second hand Rolex, especially when it is the most desirable model like the Submariner. This iconic dive timepiece holds excellent value with time. And it also makes this Rolex the most common and popular model to sell in the pre-owned market.

However, if you want to sell a Rolex Submariner or any other Rolex model, make sure to get in touch with the expert watch buyers at The Luxury Hut. Fill in an online form with all details on your timepiece, or call on 0207 242 9160 to get an instant free valuation. Rest assured that you will receive the best price possible for your Rolex, especially if it is in excellent condition and comes as a complete set.

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