How to Know the Value of My Luxury Watch?

People who are considering selling a luxury watch, will likely ask the first question – How much does my watch worth?

It may seem like an easy and straightforward question. But it is not.

know the value of a luxury watch

Pre-owned luxury watches like Rolex and Omega retain their value well with time and even may appreciate. However, their resale values may significantly vary.

The fact is that the actual value of your watch will depend on many factors.

Moreover, the process starts with knowledge of one’s watch, research of prices, to the assessment of condition with other aspects, and making a confident sale.

Factors That Will Determine the Value of Your Watch

The factors that are considered when evaluating the value of a watch include:

  • Brand

Luxury watches of elite brands like Rolex retain a higher value than non-luxury watch brands.

Besides the expensive components and complications used to make a luxury watch, the brand name also adds value.

Some luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega and Cartier are consistently popular. If you sell watches from any of these brands, you are likely to obtain a good resale value.

  • Original box and papers

Retaining the original box and papers is essential because they add to the second hand value of your luxury watch.

The truth is, the box and papers help in verifying the authenticity of a watch. Thus, they may fetch you a premium when selling the timepiece to any potential watch buyers.

However, you can indeed be able to sell your watch without its box or certificate.

  • Model

Some watch models are more coveted than others. However, it depends on what the current market trends are or what is in demand.

  • Condition

The condition plays a vital role in determining the value of a watch. Potential watch buyers like at The Luxury Hut often ensure to pay a premium for a luxury watch in a good working condition.

If your luxury watch is appropriately taken care of, it can be passed from generation to generation and also, fetch you the best price when selling.

Determining the Value of your Watch

There is no Blue Book that can answer to “how much is my watch worth” straightforwardly. The value of your timepiece is specific to your watch.

Although this may help as a watch value guide, the best way to know an accurate value is ideally by contacting a professional watch buyer.

If you want to get a free watch valuation in London, fill up this online form. At The Luxury Hut, we offer a competitive price for any pre-owned watches sold to us.

However, make sure that you include high-resolution pictures of your timepiece when filling the form. This will help us to perceive its condition better and offer a more accurate price quote.

Whether you sell watches online or via appointment today, the entire process may take as little as 24hours to complete.

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