‘BEAST’ Audemars Piguet New Launch is wilder than the others

The Beast! The watch fanatics liked to refer to the Royal Oak Offshore with that name when it came out in 1993. The Royal Oak Offshore has also been the apple-of-the-eye in the brand’s long history.

audemars piguet beast

But what made everyone come up with the title ‘BEAST’?

Well, due to its large size and sturdy build, the watch piece has earned a name as such. Emmanuel Guiet designs the timepiece; it is easily distinguishable from the others due to its hexagonal screws and octagonal bezel. The Beast is certainly not for the faint-hearted!

It’s a standout expression of your personality, and the latest releases scream out to those watch enthusiasts who are looking for versatility along with an adequate proportion of luxury.

As it turns out, the ‘BEAST’ brews the perfect recipe for a hit and long-stay in Audemars Piguet sought-after collections. Not just that, it already enjoys a great deal of attention in the secondary market. This means that you can always sell the watch for a good value.

Brief History

Back in 1993, Royal Oak Offshore stunned the world as it welcomed its 20th anniversary with a popular wristwatch known as ‘Beast’. At that time, the watch appeared too big for a wristwatch and hence, the name. But soon enough, the XXL trend took over the industry, and Big Dials are a thing now!

Fast Forward 30 years after this shock: Audemars Piguet hits back with a newer version of the ROO Chronograph that again pays tribute to the original model. The all-time elegant classic steel and blue variant is now available in gold and titanium and inculcates many improvements.

Before we discuss this new fling in detail, let’s dig a little deeper into the roots. After all, it’s always necessary to pay tribute to the original model.

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The year 1972 was when the Royal Oak introduced a whole new concept of mixing intricate, sophisticated design with sports watch credentials. Everything looked a little bit provocative, given the time-space it was coming from. During the early 1970s, the very concept of luxury watches, even for a brand like Audemars Piguet, seemed to be overwhelming.

AP created thin, small, and gold-encased timepieces with additional complications. With the launch of Royal Oak, there was a complete spin and came in angular, robust, textured, and luxurious watches that freshly captured the attention.

Not all things that break the chain are disruptive, you see. And, this marked the beginning of a successful watch line.


In the 1990s, as the watchmaking industry started recovering from the quartz crisis, the concept of mechanical watch gained steady momentum. However, there were still many high-end watches available in the market that was classical structured and smaller in diameter.

In 1993, the Royal Oak Offshore was born. It came with a 42mm case and had a massive mind. But sadly, the watch disappointed quite a few heads when it finally came out. Even Gerald Genta was surprised (not in a good way). And, the shock was so dramatic that immediately the watch lovers quoted the collection as ‘BEAST’.

A massive looking watch with a 15mm height, the Royal Oak Offshore 25721 ST was heavy. The timepiece even featured all the striking elements of the Royal Oak. This includes the eight hexagonal screws, octagonal bezel, the elevated bezel, the closely packed bracelet, tapisserie dial, and of course, the overall shape of the case. In simple words, the Offshore was a new and somewhat the black sheep in the crowd. Later on, the Offshore was nicely dressed in ceramic, gold, and even forged carbon.


Audemars Piguet has finally given its standout Royal Oak Offshore the makeover it needed and has finely refined the characteristics. The all-new 43mm case is genuinely something different. And, the best part is that the model inhibits the classic aesthetics of the past Royal Oak Offshore, but certainly with a twist. There is a lot of significant curvature to the features, especially in terms of ergonomics. The timepiece hugs the wrist firmly and beautifully. Also, the lines, pushers, and edges are different.

If you look closely, the dial for which the ROO is so celebrated is different too! There are some other repositions as well:

  • Hours at 3 o’clock
  • Minutes at 9 o’clock
  • Small seconds at 6 o’clock

The date window is now closer to the bezel and is present between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The new BEAST has a more progressive outlook, and here you can spot deeper grooves, elevated crisscross element, raised square shapes, all of which adds to its depth.

Another notable change that comes with it is the replacement of the complete Audemars Piguet sign as a streamlined AP logo. The stunning Satin finish coats the new variant perfectly.

What’s more?

The in-house automatic Caliber 4401 comes in handy with the fly-back (the ability to restart the timing function on the fly) chronograph movement. The watch’s vertical clutch mechanism prevents the hands from jumping when the watch is stopped or started. To top it, the all-new stunning sapphire crystal case back gives a detailed view of the intricate inner working of this bold chronograph-a beauty that lies within the beauty!

So, any watch enthusiast who has been eyeing the new variant, don’t get deceived by the outer look. Even though a lot of it resembles the 1993 model, it’s not.

The ‘BEAST’ debuts this fall and comes in three significant colours that are sure to melt your heart away.

  • Luxe pink gold
  • Lightweight Titanium
  • Rugged stainless steel


Overall, nothing disappoints as Offshore has always attracted numerous prominent admirers for its built-in function and exclusive presentation.

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