A. Lange & Söhne Releases the Desirable 1815 Rattrapante in Platinum

Those who know A. Lange & Sohne are aware that the brand creates only 5000 watches annually. Since the launch of its first collection in 1994, the company has amused fanatics with several unusual complications. Some dig at the existing concepts with slight modifications, while others combine intricate and traditional complications. This is one of the many reasons investors fetch a high amount when they sell watches.

a lange & söhne 1815 rattrapante

This summer, A. Lange & Sohne revisits the 2020 1815 Rattrapante and gives it a classy makeover. The 2020 edition in Honey Gold (brand’s proprietary yellow gold) came out in a limited edition of 100 pieces. So, naturally, not many had the opportunity to see it.

This time, the brand releases a treat for the collectors with the 1815 Rattrapante in ‘Platinum’, a 200-piece limited edition. There’s no doubt that the number of people wanting to get hold of this stunning iteration will exceed the available pieces. But it’s a good midsummer delight.

The 1815 Rattrapante Chronograph in platinum is an exotic-looking timepiece that hosts the brand’s most beautiful movement style. But before we get immersed in the new delicacy, let’s acknowledge the first regular 1815 Rattrapante, shall we?

First 1815 Rattrapante in 2020

A. Lange & Sohne released the first series of the 100-limited edition 1815 Rattrapante watch to mark its 175th watchmaking anniversary. It was available in Honey Gold, the brand’s proprietary yellow gold. The watch had a black dial with contrasting gold hands. A. Lange & Sohne superbly executed the watch in high-end split seconds chronograph style.

The watch had a 41.2mm case with round, rectangular pushers, a robust concave bezel and signature Lange lugs. The expressive dial had silver-plated or black galvanized textures.

All the impressive markings were golden, giving the watch a more ornamental appearance. A dark brown alligator strap complements the look with a gold buckle.

Overall, it is a watch to remember, but unfortunately, the scare release number left many only dreaming about its classic chronograph look.

‘NEW’ 1815 Rattrapante in platinum

Even though the latest release has a limited production of 200 pieces, this is the first regular production model of the 1815 Rattrapante lineup. Simply put, it is not a ‘special’ limited edition, but the watch secures a place in the brand’s main catalogue as a ‘regular’ model.

The case combination is the biggest and most prominent difference between the two watches. The king of complications meets the queen of metals with the new 1815 Rattrapante release. The striking combination of the platinum case with the silver dial presents an extraordinary all-white look. The watch looks crisp and more traditional, presenting a fresh presence on the wrist.

Let’s go over the specifications:

1. Pure Platinum case

The new A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Rattrapante has a 41.2mm platinum case with a thickness of 12.6mm. The watch is slim and looks elegant on the wrist. There is a three-layer construction on the case side in which the top and bottom are finely polished, and the centre case part has a brushed finish.

One of the visual changes which amplify the case appearance is the characteristic lug which doesn’t stand out as a separate entity but beautifully blends with the overall presentation.

2. Intricate dial detailing

The platinum Rattrapante beauty has a mystic silver dial which the brand lovingly calls ‘Argente’. All the different elements executed on the dial are painted in black and call for great legibility and contrast.

There are blued hands, Arabic numeral indices, a tachymeter scale on an elevated ring, a railway-track minute scale and finely arranged sub-dials at 12 and 6 o’clock. The unconventional placement of the 30-minute and sub-seconds counter lends a classic look.

Even after accompanying so many intricate complications, the watch appears finely balanced. The major credit for this goes to the watchmaker’s witty sense of placing the text ‘Glashutte In Sachsen’ horizontally on the dial face. While not many will agree, it surely establishes a visual balance and testament’s the German brand’s marvellous watchmaking sense.

3. Harmony of the hands

The hands of this masterpiece are blue and contrast beautifully with the surrounding silver colour. You can see the German genius using blue for the central minutes, hours hands and the central Rattrapante hand.

To keep things similar yet significant, Lange executes the central chronograph hand in rhodium-plated steel to distinguish it from the Rattrapante hand during the split-second chronograph functionality. Furthermore, the 30-minute and small seconds hands are painted blue.

Even with two central chronograph hands, there’s a seamless harmony between the blue hands highlighting Lange’s brilliant choreography.

4. Pleasing Pushers

Two beautiful pushers present on the right side of the case control the chronograph. The pusher present at 10 o’clock controls the Rattrapante mechanism. The two juxtaposed chronograph hands (centre Rattrapante & centre chronograph) start together when you activate the pusher at 2 o’clock.

5. Manually Wound Movement

Here comes the spectacular Lange Calibre L101.2 visible through the sapphire case back. Like every other A. Lange & Sohne movement, the mechanism in this new platinum variant is meticulously decorated. The Manual Wound movement has 365 parts consisting of 36 jewels which operate at a speed of 21,600vph, offering a power reserve of 58 hours.

Thanks to the open display, you’ll see the Rattrapante movement in 3 layers:

  • Top: Column wheel, clamps, and the central wheel.
  • Middle: Chronograph mechanism with the main column wheel near the crown.
  • Bottom: Timekeeping mechanism comprising the gear, barrel & regulating parts.

The entire mechanism comprises multiple springs, curved letters and wheels, all of which make it an absolute joy to appreciate the immaculate finishing of the movement.

6. Fantastic Finish

Each Lange timepiece has a stunning finish, but the brand uses untreated German silver plates for this new platinum version. You can see the hand-engraved Glashutte stripes on the bridges, and there’s an additional chronograph bridge decorated with a floral engraving design.

As always, the result is visually and technically stunning, making the watch stand out.


The introduction of the new 1815 Rattrapante watch by A. Lange & Sohne is a game-changer that is sure to pique the interest of all watch lovers. Whether it is the brilliant watchmaking or the extraordinary polish, the 200 pieces of this stunning timepiece will sell out as hot cakes!

If this wasn’t enough to tease the brand lovers, the watches would feature a special engraving indicating the unique piece number of 200!

This only increases the craze tenfold to own and operate this special chronograph. Imagine if you get hold of one of these, you can easily sell your watch at an alarming price. Check out A. Lange & Sohne’s boutiques for the latest update.

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