4 Most Popular Discontinued Rolex Models

Over the years, many Rolex models have disappeared from the catalogue. Rolex have either replaced an older reference with an upgraded version or discontinued the production entirely. However, it seems that the brand has a proclivity of discontinuing many of its references without notifying. And, in certain instances, some of the discontinued models are indeed most-cherished ones. Eventually, potential collectors are left with only one option to procure them, and that is, from the pre-owned market.


Let’s today take a quick look below at four real-fan favourite Rolex models that are no longer in production and available only on the second hand market.

Rolex GMT-Master II Coke

Since 2007, there has not been any GMT-Master with a black-and-red bezel. Rolex put an end to the reference 16710, and as a result, there has been no Cerachrom version of this quintessential and famous Rolex colour scheme. However, you may be well-conversant with the term ‘Pepsi’ which was a massive seller for the manufacturer. The fact is that the red-and-black bezel GMT-Master Coke had enough differences from the blue-and-red bezel version for warranting its position.

Rolex Submariner Reference 16610LV

Rolex has a habit of celebrating birthdays of many of its iconic models by introducing special-edition references. In 2003, the brand launched the reference 16610LV to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner. The reference 16610LV was the first Submariner to feature a black Maxi dial as well as a green bezel.

Rolex has developed many variations of the usual black-bezel references earlier, and the blue versions were the most common. However, the green bezel Submariner anniversary edition earned several nicknames. People who loved the new colour scheme referred it to as the ‘Kermit’, whereas the ones who were less anxious called it the ‘Vomit Sub’. Interestingly enough, the watch began alluring more attention, with fanatics who appreciated its eccentricities.

However, after seven years of its introduction, Rolex discontinued the ‘Kermit’ and replaced it with the reference 116610LV. The new Submariner was equipped with a green dial matched to its bezel and housed in a beefy Super Case. The watch was nicknamed as the ‘Hulk’.

Although the special edition ‘Kermit’ has seen a short-run production in the industry, the watch is known to have surpassed the prices of its equivalent black classic references. And, you can expect that its price will only increase with time.

Rolex Datejust II

In 2009, Rolex seemed to have succumbed to audience pressure when it launched the Datejust in a 41mm size. The most significant option for Datejust had been initially 36mm. However, to meet the ever-increasing watch size trend, the brand added a prominent 5mm to the Datejust II. Besides, the bezel also was made broader. Although the case grew more extensive, the watch’s bracelet remained the same, resulting in thicker lugs.

Overall, new 41mm Datejust II flaunted a beefier sporty profile also with larger hour markers on its dial. While the watch was initially available only in white or yellow Rolesor, Rolex also introduced a steel reference equipped with a smooth bezel in 2012 following the success.

For reasons that ideally only Rolex knows, the Datejust II 41 production was discontinued by 2016. The brand replaced it with an upgraded version of the 36mm model with dimensions intact.


Rolex Daytona with Steel Bezel

The proprietary Cerachrom ceramic is a scratch-resistant, unbreakable and fade-proof alloy that has appeared across maximum tool watch collection. However, Cerachrom is a virtually a new invention. Earlier references of stainless steel Daytona featured steel bezels that are not obtainable any longer in brand new ones.

The last Daytona watch to flaunt a steel bezel was the reference 116520, and it was in production from 2000 to 2016. However, it was also the first Daytona to be powered by Rolex’s patent in-house Calibre 4130 movement.

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