4 Different Types of Luxury Watch Materials

Luxury watches are symbols of the ultimate precision, durability and success. Different brands employ different materials to craft their watches.

And those materials indeed matters a great deal as they determine the watch’s durability, aesthetics and also, price.

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However, you might be aware that many people buy expensive watches and there are many apparent reasons behind it.

Today, prestigious watchmakers have dedicated much of their efforts in the research and evolution of new materials, adapting with the time.

Thus, the brands are using more top-notch components in their watches than ever before.

Let’s today explore four different types of elements that go into making luxury watches and also, contribute to the watches’ hefty price tags.

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is ideally the most common material used in contemporary watches. It is highly durable and offers higher resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, stainless steel is lightweight as well as more affordable than gold.

Although there are many reasons, the most significant one is ideally the use of 904L stainless steel. Rolex is the only watch brand that produces and uses this exclusive steel.

However, some of the iconic watches made of stainless steel are the Rolex Daytona, Rolex GMT-Master II, Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Submariner.

2. Titanium

Many decades after stainless steel came into the market; the lightweight Titanium alloy came into play in the 1970s.

Titanium is two times stronger than stainless steel and also, half the weight.

Moreover, it is highly corrosion-resistant. But:

This lightweight alloy has never been prevalent as much as stainless steel. Why?

Firstly, Titanium is costlier than steel.

Secondly, the alloy offers a duller finish and thus, does not shine like stainless steel.

However, Titanium made an esteemed position in the watch industry. It became the go-to element for diver and other professional tool watches.

The Tudor Pelagos is a famous example of a beautiful titanium watch. The watch features a titanium case that is water-resistant up to 500m.

However, if you own a luxury watch made of Titanium, keep in mind:

The alloy is quite tough to work with, and in case of any damages, it can be too expensive to restore.

Thus, take care of your watch properly when not on the wrist.

Find out how to store and maintain your luxury watch when not in use.

3. Ceramics

Ceramics are typically hardened clay, made using a similar technique that has been used in crafting pottery for years.

However, watchmakers today utilise modern science for creating an extremely durable composition of zirconium oxide.

Watches made out of ceramics are resistant to heat and scratches.

Moreover, the material is a popular choice for luxury timepieces because it offers long-lasting gleam and also cosy to use.

Ceramic is also easy to clean, non-porous and lighter in weight compared to most elements.

4. Gold and Its Different Forms

Since the inception of horology, precious metals hold a significant part in the watchmaking industry.

Watch manufacturers have utilised gold in its every form like white, yellow and rose to make different watch parts.

A watch case and bracelet is typically made of gold.

  • However, yellow gold with its popular golden colour is a typical glimpse with luxury timepieces.
  • But it is mixed with copper to make a reliable watch.
  • Yellow gold is very shining, corrosion-free but also heavy and expensive.
  • On the other hand, white gold is a precious metal, usually blended with silver or palladium.
  • This metal is a popular choice as it appears like stainless steel.

However, Rose gold is a pure 24ct metal, combined with different amounts of copper.

Many watch lovers appreciate this metal due to its unique and wealthy colouring.

Overall, all the above materials are significantly responsible for making a luxury watch highly robust and durable.

Moreover, these enable luxury watches typically to retain their value with the years. Some models even appreciate, depending on the brand, model and other factors.

Thus, are you wondering how much you can get for your used watch?

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